Wednesday, April 28, 2004

last blog entry of the night
bonnie showed this to me tonight and it's definitely worth posting. as found online for the is: savage love by dan savage

(reader writes in)
Please tell women that low-rise jeans only look good on a handful of people. Whenever I go out, all I see is "girl love handles" (GLH) hanging over low-rise jeans. FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY, DAN! Someone needs to tell women who are overweight, tubby, fat, or just not properly proportioned to STOP wearing jeans that show off or create rolls! Just today I saw a girl who would have been attractive had it not been for her damn low-rise jeans. GLH is never sexy, ladies! It's revolting. No one wants to see fat rolls hanging over the tops of jeans or bulging out from under belly shirts! Seriously, women, there really are only a select few of you who look good in these jeans. If you don't have the body for it (and if you have to think about it--even for an instant--you don't!), DO NOT WEAR LOW-RISE JEANS!
- Butter with Your Rolls

(and mr. savage says)
I'm opening this week's rather random, slightly scattered column (damn medical marijuana!) with your letter, BWYR, because I happen to agree with you 100 percent. Just between you and me and everyone else, I simply can't believe we're headed for a third summer of low-rise jeans, high-rise shirts, and overflowing GLH. Low-rise is not a fashion statement we Americans should be making just now, what with our skyrocketing rates of obesity. If North Americans want to flounce around in belly-and-backside-exposing pants--and apparently we do--we should get the obesity epidemic under control first.

(my response)
what butter with your rolls doesn't realize is that the majority of jeans out there are cut this way. i don't particularly like low rise, although i have learned to embrace them a bit, but i don't want to wear them, really. i definitely stay clear from the one's that are labeled "low-rise," "very low-rise," "way low-rise," "super low-rise," and "way way low-rise." i don't think that BWYR should be talking to the women of america, but instead, the denim designers who keep producing this stuff. if they could just make a more flattering jean, then it will be worn. what do you think, girls? i mean, all i know is that since this fashion fad has hit, i've had to totally revamp my underwear collection, which i thought was just fine. now, i have to stay clear from all stretchy fabrics that could somehow ride up and be discovered upon my sitting down. thongs, although never a fan of them, are a no-no, unless they are the low-rise thongs, which have been created just because of all of the low-rise clothing out there. also, you can't demonize a girl for trying, you know? big girls want to have fun too, right?

anyway, thanks bonnie for pointing this one out to me. AND, readers, if you will be in the baltimore area between may 9th-may 22nd, come check out my photo exhibit at the corrin gallery in the meyerhoff arts building. i've chosen this very phenomena (low-rise) as my subject matter.

holy crap, pj!
so, out of curiousity, i went to pj harvey's website and found out some crucial info. yes, she will be touring with lollapalooza but only for select dates. her new album is called, 'Uh Huh Her' and will be released june 8th in the states (may 31st in the uk) and the single will come out on the day of my birth, may 17th. how nice.

and, if you haven't heard, sonic youth's new album, sonic nurse, wil also be out on june 8th!!!!

i am a scrabble nazi
i played scrabble with tim and that was nice. i like that he uses words such as quiver and torque. however, helena and i just played and she said, in this voice that i can't get out of my head, "jaime? can we just stop now? i am so tired. it's stupid to play now. let's just play tomorrow." and i was like, "listen, we only have a couple more plays. we are out of letters. let's just play." and then she said "okay," but i realized i was being an ass and said, "okay, let's not play. forget it. we'll play tomorrow." but she asked if xe was a word and i checked, and it wasn't and then she decided she would play, so then i made a move and then when it was her turn, and again, she asked, "can we just play tomorrow??" and, of course, i was like, "but we only have a few more tiles left." and, then she pretty much pleaded to stop because she was sleepy and said that it would take too long. basically, i am utterly ashamed that i wasn't listening to one of my good friend's sleep needs and was more interested in myself and my need to finish the game. wtf? who the hell am i?? seriously - who have i become???????

p.s. if you are reading my blog, then i am guessing you may be my friend, so i don't mind telling you that the lollapalooza website is up and running. i'm very happy about this, but concerned about where, when, and how much, which is not yet known. we shall see, i guess.

Monday, April 26, 2004

well, lookie here - russell has blogged again!
it's been a while, folks, and i am starting to think this is his m.o. - to stay away from blogger for a while and then come back on to the scene with a vengence so that all will fawn and swoon. he does have good blog, however, i must admit that. but, let's hope he can keep a secret. after today's event with him (which shall forever and ever remain a secret), i began wondering how well this boy can bite his lip. it'll be a good test for him.

see this here: Monster in Training

concert update
hfs festival
the cure
violent femmes
modest mouse
yeah yeah yeahs
cypress hill
and others....

but, what about lollapalooza 2004??
sonic youth
flaming lips
modest mouse
pj harvey
le tigre
and more!
- 2 days of music - A MUST SEE

Sunday, April 25, 2004

blogging because i haven't in 4 whole days
come with me
into the trees
we lay in the grass
and let hours pass

take my hand
come back to the land
let's get away
just for one day

let me see you stripped

listening to the cd music for the masses, the depeche mode tribute album which i think is pretty fantastic, even on the ???th listening. i've talked to other d.m. fans and they're not into. purists, i think of them. danzig doing stripped? brilliant! brilliant, i say!

what have i been up to? oh god, busy busy busy. umm, school is keeping me busy, but what else besides that? checking out places to live for the next year. it looks like it's going to be this cute place in hampden on chestnut st. that has a porch and a beautiful downstairs but a kind of messed upstairs in which russell, virginia, and helena get the shaft and get the 2 strange bedrooms when i get the nice one, which i think sucks all over the place but they don't even seem to think otherwise about. since i am a light sleeper, i can't have the middle, wide-open bedroom and because i have so much stuff, i won't get the tiny room. but, perhaps it will balance out in the end because i will be providing all of us with pots, pans, dishes and furniture? i don't know, i still feel rotten about it. but they all seemed psyched for their rooms. but, i want to make this house look amazing. and by amazing, i want people to walk in and be wowed. and that's after passing the kick ass garden in the front which we will be planting. oh, and let me mention that the light for the upstairs is built into the stairs. yes, -built right into the freakin' stairs!-. nuts!

oh another lovely note, i spent the entire day with my mother. she came down and i showed her some art stuff that i have been working on which was very exciting for me for some reason, and then we drove to dc to check out the 22nd annual smithsonian craft exhibit. we ended our day in dc with cokes from a really pimped out burger king with 2 floors. then, to baltimore to show her the house and her wondering why i wasn't living in charles village. "because hampden is a real neighborhood neighborhood that john waters finds inspiring. and it's funky with emerging artists and independent stores." after showing her 'the avenue' she got the idea and seems pretty gung ho. then to rocky run and a silly escapade in which virginia dropped a knife on my mom's foot and we all cracked up but i think my mom was actually in a lot of pain because she has foot problems. she was a real trooper about that one. and so was virginia! the best host rocky run has ever seen and will ever see! also, the enormous dog outside of rocky run blew my mind. holy crap, the dog was so big that it scared children!

helena took advantage of smoothie king's offer of buy one get the 2nd one free when you use your one card and brought me a pineapple surf. then we hung out until the wee hours with adam and bonnie, and russell for a little bit. it was nice.

p.s. russell calls ants by their formal name. i discovered this yesterday when he found an ant on himself and screamed, "antonio! what do you think you're doing?!? get off of me!!!!!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

i love you. there, i said it. i love you.
tonight, at frasier's, the guy who runs the karaoke who is so mad cool, ended the night with a "tell your friends how much you love them. give them a hug. love each other, people!" and i was right there with him. in many other cultures, being close and warm to others is the norm, but in the states, this is not usually the case. we are so uptight most of the time and it seems rare for people to speak honestly and openly about certain things. i'd love for that to change. what's funny is that i think i have a similar post to this somewhere on my blog from a few months ago.... ehh, oh well.

anyway, i am so sleepy now. signing off --- with love --- j.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

OH! and what the hell is up with the new britney video?
i know she is trying to pull a madonna on us. there are countless shocking videos that madonna has made. countless, i dare say again. but, that's madonna. and she is britney. perhaps she wanted to put out the serious video that has less to do with choreography and more to do with cinematography. although, i was most certainly not impressed. perhaps she wanted to get away from the sex kitten category, but that went straight to hell because we see her wearing a ridulous outfit and can't help but notice that she is half-naked 2 seconds into the bathroom scene. obviously, she is making a statement. subtle, it is not. but she is trying to say that it's hard being a pop star. you get pushed around and have to wear baseball caps and sunglasses when you step out of the limo. you may have boyfriends that abuse you and bodyguards that don't do shit. and people are so insensitive and cutthroat, that even when you are on your deathbed they will be lined up taking pictures and hoping for an autograph. this was in poor taste, darling. sorry. go back to the drawing board and try something else.

Destination Unknown
i decided tonight that i would not write my paper or do the reading for class tomorrow. i was running around all day until 11pm and i just needed a break, needed to chillout and relax. hanging out is always a good idea, so that is what i did. and so is being somewhat responsible and leaving a bit early. i can still hear them hanging out in the quad. however, i will soon be in my bed and doing crossword puzzles. but, i post these lyrics because as soon as i came back to my room and sat down for a moment, i sang these words in my head.

Life is so strange when you don't know
How can you tell where you're going to
You can't be sure of any situation
Something could change and then you won't know

Ask youself where do we go from here
it seems so all to clear
just as far beyond as I can see
I still don't know what this all means to me

Tell yourself I have nowhere to go
I don't know what to do
And I don't even know the time of day
I guess it doesn't matter any way

Life is so strange destination unknown
When you don't know your destination
Something could change it's unknown
And then you won't know destination unknown

i think i need to sing this song to myself during the next few weeks when i think about graduating and living arrangements and such. i am not too concerned with the living scenario because i know it will work out no matter what. this week will be some serious house hunting. and i feel pretty good about it. i think there are many prospects on the horizon. i guess destination unknown applies to life in general. and that seems to be the theme for many people, especially during the "what are you going to do after graduation?" conversation. but, it'll all work out in the end. graduation day isn't the end of something. it's just the beginning.

Monday, April 19, 2004

most productive day ever
i spent a ridiculous amount of time in the darkroom today, and actually much of the past few days, and i feel great about it. so, i didn't get to read derrida. or write my philosophy paper. or gather research for my psych paper. so what? i needed to do this today. to just be alone and get things done. i needed to take control of something. much of this is probably in response to the weekend. the past few days have been fun and exciting. russell's birthday on thursday was so great. i got him a birthday cookie that said, "happy birthday poopface." i'd never bought a birthday cookie before. i'd like to buy one for every friend i know. it's really ingenious. and that night, aran was ridiculously good at dj'ing. the best ever. and i know that i always say that, but this time, he was just far superior. friday was helena's birthday eve and we spent it together, but i didn't hang out until late because i was working in the darkroom until 1am. but then we hung out and it was pretty awesome. last night was helena's real birthday, i guess, and that was pretty great as well. and come to think of it, i didn't hang out until late because i worked until 11pm. but, it's fun celebrating people's birthdays. max's b-day is on tuesday and we will be going to frasier's. i am nervous about all of this because i sure do have a lot of things that need to get taken care of. and tomorrow, when i should be writing a paper, i will be going to the mall to help a friend find a bra and shoes for a wedding. oi.

but, perhaps the best thing about the past few days is all of the contemplation and understanding that has been taking place for me and for others, as well. i feel like i am ahead of the game, in some ways, or at least coming to a clear understanding of certain things. at least, clearer for me. it's not an easy thing to explain and sometimes it is best to be cryptic. i just don't want to forget certain things and to always appreciate the little moments in life when you feel most alive and at your purest form. some of this has to do with love. some of this has to do with friendships. some of this is seeing what happens in other's lives and realizing certain things about them and about yourself. i am just thankful for life's little lessons....

a little corny? perhaps. but, this is how it goes, you know? this is just how it is.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

happy birthday, helena!

i may be late with the news, but for those who hadn't heard about this...

virgin airlines was planning on installing this urinal in their jfk upperclass clubhouse. i heard about this the other day and my mouth dropped. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. what i don't understand is how anyone could have ever thought that this was okay. virgin's customer service v.p. was quoted as saying, "With everything we do, we want there to be a smile, and that's also the case in the clubhouse. The urinal is just for fun. But it's not the centerpiece of the clubhouse." are you kidding me??? for funsies? at what point in time is it fun to piss in a woman's mouth? this is not some sort of sick sex club where golden showers are the norm. and, still i would be appalled if it was! this is a restroom for what appears to be a boys-only clubhouse. oh, and let me mention that the clubhouse also has a waterfall that flows into a 100-foot long reflecting pool, a bar with a 42-inch plasma screen, booths with iMacs, a main dining area and a cocktail lounge equipped with four Sony PlayStations. all of this crap is so self-indulgent. so, virgin thought that they'd provide men with their favorite toys along with cocktails that they piss away in a woman's mouth urinal. it's stuff like this that reminds me how wrong i am when i believe that there is some sort of equality among the sexes and that we are living in a more gender neutral world. women are still viewed as sexual objects and it is ingrained so much that even woman are blind to the inhumanity of it all (supposedly, a woman designed this urinal). i'm just so disgusted...

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

holy crap! a mouse!!!
i just saw a mouse scurry underneath my bed. i wonder if he is the same one that was here about a month ago or if it's a different one. i thought that sweet little brown mouse had made it's way across the hall. and i assumed that it had died because i overheard the girls talking about the traps they've laid down. ummm, i don't know where he is now but i can hear him!! for a little thing, he is making a lot of noise! ack! i think i'm a lil scared.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

jaime + jeffery = good scrabbling
this is the game that jeffery and i played until nearly 2am.

you may not notice this, but we started off the board by placing the letters upside-down. i didn't say anything at the time because i didn't want to appear to be too anal

i won, but it was close - 275 to 241. it kind of took forever, but that's okay. it was fun. seriously, i'd love to play scrabble every night until graduation. any takers?? also, it was good hanging out with jeffypoo again and also discovering that he has learned to love again! last semester, when i was taking the class, "existentialism, humanistic and eastern approaches to psychology," i would see jeffery and i would tell him all of the wonderful things i was learning, especially ideas about love and he would disagree wholeheartedly and we would kind of fight about it and he refused to see my point of view. and i would say, "just read these books! they'll change your life." but, he was stubborn and coined the books as being "corny" and "self-help"-like. but, recently, he was helping a friend and he was reading them and he has been enthralled! and he is happy and i am happy. i know that he will be leaving soon, but i am glad that this turn of events has occurred.

helena is back and i wanted to blog this one last thing about her. okay, now she is gone. but, we were listening to elliott smith and she was enjoying him so much and i loved the way she analyzed it. i just took particular interest in what she was saying because she was verbalizing exactly what i had always thought and felt but never realized. and i loved it.

also, virginia was here for a bit and i appreciated her tolerating the scrabbling. she is a good sport and didn't mind that i was scrabble-crazy tonight...again. this is the third night in the row i have played. i also liked her proposal tonight to start a book club for the summer. i am soooo into that idea. i love that i have friends who enjoy starting book clubs. and those who give books as gifts to their brothers and their significant others with the intention of having a mini bookclub online to bring everyone closer.

editor's note: rereading that entry was making my head spin. i was hopped up on coca-cola that night.

Monday, April 12, 2004

check this out

not only is it informative and in support of the march in dc, april 25th for a woman's right to choose, but it is also hilarious and well-made! you MUST check it out. i applaud those who had anything to do with the making of this. talk about e-crafty!

"i have candy" - - - - - "WHAT!!!!! kind?"

helena, darling, thanks for being you. i hope you did well on your bio exam.

last night, i began reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra again, which actually is pretty amazing because i now have insight, therefore more understanding. plus, it's kind of like re-watching one of those movies that has been building up for an insane ending (i.e. the sixth sense, the usual suspects) and seeing all of the little clues that were there all along. i love it. these are some quotes that i thought were worthwhile sharing:

i love him whose soul is lavish, who neither wants nor returns thanks: for he always gives....

one must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star. i tell you: you still have chaos in you.

you must discover ten truths a day: otherwise you will seek truth in the night too, with your soul still hungry.

you must laugh and be cheerful ten times a day: or your stomach, that father of affliction, will disturb you in the night.

there's another passage which made me reflect upon the state of affairs in my life. i think i need to get back in touch with the goodness in me, and not get sucked into melodrama that will always be floating in the air. but, honestly, i need to become a better person. people like my mother and nishi have always had a great influence on me to be selfless and considerate. i need to get back to working on that. i want to be less judgmental, listen more/better, and get back to the roots of who i am, the kindness within.

also, it appears that many of my friends are going through, or are have gone through, a breakup this year. being there for some of them, reminds me how difficult relationships are. how delicate relationships are. i wish it was easier for them. like it is easy for me to tell one, "you'll be friends! of couse, you will. just give it time and things will be great." but, you don't know that 100%, do you? will things ever be the same? it's not easy. i just wish i could scoop up all of these people, put them in a room, and have them all talk and love each other again. but, i know it's not that easy. there are hurts along the way that block them from getting to the place they long to be at.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

happy easter, everybody!!
today, russell coined a new term which i think is significant - "e-crafty," when someone is crafty with the internet, the way someone may be crafty with paint, fabric and/or a glue gun. i'd like to be e-crafty one day, when i have a bit more time and digicam and scanner. i think it could happen. i love computers, the internet, and photoshop. i also like ideas and being creative and that is what being crafty is all about. the only problem is that sometimes i can be significantly lazy. which is probably why i am not crafty now because i have digicams and scanners at my disposal (i could rent one from the library and use their scanners too.) but, also i feel like i never have enough time. anyway, until my time comes, may i recommend some of my favorite e-crafty people:

jason dove
kaiju battels (for kicks)

and, here is me last night in russell's room, an hour before i got cranky and pms-y and went to my room to watch old madonna videos via the internet and then crawl into bed and do word puzzles:

i think i am looking puffier than usual. perhaps water retention?? or perhaps too much candy and cookies? hmmm...

Saturday, April 10, 2004

walking through the grass
the other day, i was sitting on a couch outside of the darkrooms in the art building with dani and justin, with my feet curled to the side of me. i noticed justin looking down at my beaten-up sneakers. i looked too and saw that there was dirt and mud caked on the bottom of them.

"what'cha looking at? my muddy shoes?"

"yeah, well..."

and so i proceeded to explain to dani and justin that one of my favorite things to do is to walk on and through the grass, ignoring sidewalks, and cut corners and find my own path. i explained that it gives me a thrill, that it makes me feel like i am disobeying the rules of the road, so to speak, defying those paths which have been set down before me. it makes me feel like i am taking charge, feeling more self-determined, and more in control. especially because normally i follow the rules as much as i can. i can be a bit anal about rules, always coloring within the lines, reading directions and game rules to a tee. but, i do this sort of thing when i especially need a pick me up or if i am in a bad mood. it makes me feel good for some reason. justin and dani found it amusing that this was the way that i "break rules."

and then i noticed that justin had his developing tank with him. i asked what he was doing. he replied that he was developing.

"but, you're not in the developing room!"

"yeah, it's okay."

"so, how are you developing then???"

"well, i have the developer in my tank"

"but you're not agitating!"

"oh, i'm agitating..."

"but, how do you know when it's time? how do you know when 45 seconds has passed???"

"oh, please! you just guess. it doesn't matter anyways. when i feel like a minute has passed, i agitate."


i then proceed to make my way to one of the darkrooms.

"yeah, you know me... i'm just walking through the grass."

it's been a while since i've seen your smile...
stayed up late last night working in the darkroom until i felt like i could stand no more. came back to my room to discover a certain sleeping beauty in my bed (virginia) getting her nap on. then we stayed up and talked for a bit because she got her second wind. then i fell asleep late after working on some crossword puzzles. (note: i'm now addicted to crossword puzzles. before you know it, i will renew my subscription to pennypress and get the variety word puzzle books delivered to me monthly.)

and then today. what a glorious day it was. woke up and placed a huge steel order for the sculpture studio. it felt awesome ("yes, hi. i'd like to place an order for 3 pieces of 4" wide hot rolled 20ft length 1/8th inch flat stock steel, please). i ordered so much stuff and billed it all to goucher. haha, suckers!! no, i had permission. but, now, i also have goucher's credit card number. heh heh heh.

after that business, went to lunch with some lovely people and then kept adam company at the blood drive. being there, made me feel guilty for not giving. i kept reconsidering, but i just couldn't do it. i'm not good at giving blood. but, i was happy that i have a friend who was willing to sacrifice a pint. also, we learned that mitzvah in hebrew is indeed a commandment, not a "good deed." shows what we know....

then i spent the day hanging outside and it was so glorious and everyone looked so happy and beautiful, especially through my camera lens, that i nearly cried. i laughed it off, but it brought tears to my eyes.

and, tonight, went to a surprise birthday party with bonnie and russell. as we were walking out, it was just at the beginning of getting busted. what a close call that was. then we hit sonar and the taxidermy lodge night they have there now, and it was just so off the hook awesome. we got there super late because it took us 45 min to find parking (no joke, it was insane). but, it was really awesome to have more space to dance (sort of...although sonar is larger than the talking head, more people came to sonar). also, the variety of music was so super. dj's were throwing music at each other from across the room and if you tired of that, you could kick it in the lounge room. and by kick it, i mean request depeche mode from mod dave and hear "a question of time" nearly immediately. man, what an awesome guy.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

librarians are weird
mom sends me this link that she sent to me a year ago.
peeps researching!!

---'ve got to be kidding me!!
Jennifer Lopez's Mother Wins $2.4 Million!
Jennifer Lopez's mother won a $2.4 million jackpot while playing $1 slots at Atlantic City.

Guadalupe Lopez, 58, of New York, was playing Wheel of Fortune at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa when she hit for $2,421,291.76 just before 8 p.m. Saturday, according to the casino.

Casino spokesman Michael Facenda denied knowing of any relationship between the jackpot winner and pop celebrity Jennifer Lopez. But Us Weekly and People magazine report in upcoming issues that Guadalupe Lopez is Jennifer's mother.

Jennifer Lopez's publicist, Rob Shuter, declined to comment Monday night.

Us Weekly reports that Guadalupe Lopez plans to use a portion of her winnings to start a $100,000 college fund for her two grandchildren.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

hilarity ensues when there is a digital camera around
this i have discovered the past few days. i think my life will be 140% better if i owned one. which is why i was looking at the digi cams they had at best buy today. i nearly scooped one up, but thought twice about it and decided against the idea because it just wasn't good enough for me. there, i said it, i want one that has everything. hook me up with both awesome optical AND digital zoom. and puhlease! don't forget about the movie clip features. WITH SOUND. per my channukah present which hath not been received, and for all the recent birthdays and other channukahs in which i refused gifts from my mother, i am allowed one digital camera, preferably less than $200. but, i want it all. man, do i want it ALL.

t. paul powell, the man with the plan

speaking of wishing for digital cameras, i wish i had a cam last night for when virg and katherine and i spent a lil bit of time hanging out with t. paul powell, "the hottest guy at goucher last year," says toni, so that i may take his picture and stare at it creepily to understand where his enthusiasm, zest, and love for life comes from. i admire his tenacity. i am jealous of his passions. he is the most anti-apathetic person i know. he should write a book (which he is already planning) and teach a class (which he is already doing) on how to be the best person that one can be. when i last saw him last year, he said, "good luck in all of your ventures." and last night, when we said our goodbyes and thought it was our last time seeing each other on the same coast, he said, "good luck, jaime." and tonight at dinner, as i said my last, and final goodbye, he once again said, "good luck." but, we all know it is more than luck. life has little to do with luck, and more to do with making shit happen. and, t. paul powell makes shit happen.

all of this has been inspired by virginia's recent posts. refer to today's and yesterday's blogging to see what i mean. and seriously, email this dude and tell him a story. if you do it, you will be blessed.

Monday, April 05, 2004

i don't know what i am still doing up. i need to get some sleep soon. but, i just read someone's livejournal and for the first time, i was confronted with the underpinings of someone's brain - all revealed for the world to read. they will remain nameless, but i had never read anything like it before and it made me shudder so hard because it was so brutally honest, it was borderline horrific. it made me sad, however, that this was someone's world that they lived in because there was this intense amount of pain that one couldn't help but notice, masked by indifference when it was obvious that they lived in a world of judgment, resentment, and loneliness.

beyond that, the bacchae was the best goucher production i have seen yet. the costumes, the stage, the acting, oh man. and, more than anything else, it is just awesome to be wowwed by your friends and others. i was so proud of each and everyone of them. while i watched, i was mentally drafting my thank you/congratulation letter/email to the cast and crew. which i may still do. or not. i don't know. i just thought they did a terrific job and i appreciate all the hard work that they put into this performance. even though i was annoyed that the backdoor of meyerhoff always said that non-theater people were not allowed to enter, which i thought was crap because they weren't there allll the time. that pissed me off. but, whatever, it's over now and i will no longer resent them for keeping the backdoor for themselves.

that's all for now. hugs and kisses, internet and friends. oxox.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

it's daylight savings time, you sexy
the clock says it is 3:50am, but my body and mind say it is not. what gives? tomorrow i will wake up later than i mean to, but so will everyone else. and then we will adjust. and all will be well.

the sexies were a - m - a - z - i - n - g. christiana and marlowe played so well and harmonized beautifully, but it was adam that hit me at the core of my being with his vocals. my favorite part was during "monkey gone to heaven" for the last part when he sings:
if man is 5
then the devil is 6
THEN GOD IS 7!!!!! <---"holy crap!"

his entire body shook. i was astounded!! oh you guys rocked so hard. and i look forward to you sexies play battle of the bands. a night of entertainment. competition will be fierce. yes. oh yes, it will be fierce.

didn't make it to the supreme imperial. i'm sure it was a blast. no regrets though. no regrets.

signing out, with love always - jaime

Saturday, April 03, 2004

this week in time magazine's milestone's section:

DIED. BRIAN MAXWELL, 51, world-ranked marathon runner who spawned an industry of high-energy snacks in his Berkeley, Calif., kitchen when he invented the PowerBar; of a heart attack; in San Anselmo, Calif. After running out of steam short of the finish line in a 1983 race, he set out to create a portable, endurance-boosting food. PowerBar was launched three years later - with an initial run of 35,000 bars in chocolate and malt-nut flavors - and in 2000 was sold for a reported $375 million.

while i read mr. maxwell's obit, i was saddened by the idea that he died by heart attack. he probably had a well-conditioned body, took pride in testing it to the limit, and was fit as a fiddle. but, what gets to me was learning that he went into business to allow others to achieve that extra boost that he desired, and enabled fellow fitness enthusiasts to carry their dose of energy in neat little foiled packages that were convenient to take any where and eat any time. i love powerbars, therefore i love mr. maxwell. but, my first introduction to powerbars came very early on and was not exactly positive. i was probably around middle-school age when my father discovered the power of powerbars at our local bj's wholesale club. he bought them by the box load, in chocolate and i refused to let him keep them in the kitchen or any where upstairs because i said that they smelled bad. they did. a box of those babies really reeked! and i would watch him eat them and my stomach would turn in disgust, especially because he liked to think of them as a chocolate substitute. of course, there is no comparison. but, my father was food delusional. he thought that beans from a can and a microwaved potato was a good dinner. but, one day when i was snooping around the house for a treat, i came across one of these babies in the fridge and decided to give it a try. and, i actually liked it! ever since then, i have been a powerbar fan. personally, i think they make a good breakfast. also, a good snack. i don't exercise so the whole energy while you exercise thing is lost on me. i just like that there are chewy and are full of fiber. and i also like how they are sticky. but, umm....anyway, in summary, thank you mr. maxwell for your contribution to society. you will surely be missed.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

today's menu this is what our dining hall will be serving today
Vegetable Tortellini Soup , Indonesian Coconut Beef , Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole , Tortellini w/ Broccoli , Vegetarian Chili over Nachos , Roast Turkey w/ Pan Gravy , Garlic Mashed Potatoes , Tuscan Style Grilled Cheese Sandwich , Linguini w/ Blackened Chicken Alfredo , California Pizza , Spicy Green Bean & Sesame Salad

Vegetable Tortellini Soup , Spicy Vegetable Pad Thai , Spinach Tortellini Alfredo , Spinach & Goat Cheese Spanikopita , Florida Organic Green Bean Medley , Hearty Beef Lasagna w/ side of Garlic Bread , Southern Catfish Po' Boy w/ Chili Mayo , Penne w/ Pesto Sauce , Grilled Chicken Pizza , Char Grilled Marinated Black Angus Flank Steak , Roasted Beet Salad

what in the world is a tuscan style grilled cheese sandwich? do they have enough torellini on the menu!? (soup, tortellini w/brocolli for lunch, tortollini spinach alfredo for dinner) same with the green beans. geez. and what college student is dying for a roasted beet salad?? catfish?? are these people insane!?

in other news, 50 nights will be held tomorrow for the senior class in the pearlstone atrium. this should make every passerby insanely jealous that they aren't a senior. but, besides that, there will be free food, free casino gambling, and free "non-alcoholic beverages." the realstuff, the beer and wine bar, will be open to us with the purchase of a $1 wristband (that's where they get'cha). however, the most important part of all, is that virginia will be dj'ing. after the last fiasco when senior night was cancelled because of snow (it wasn't even snowing!!), we finally get our VAR back. macdaddy gonna make you...JUMP! JUMP!