Monday, February 21, 2005


i failed to mention on saturday that i almost got in a very terrifying car accident. a guy ran a red light and nearly hit me! i would have been a goner for sure. this is not the first time this has happened. last time it happened was on one of my birthdays. i should say that last year was the first birthday in which some awful tragic thing didn't happen. (the worst part, though it wasn't all that awful, was the hail and the huge ice pellets falling from the sky. they were like rocks, man! oh, and let me mention, my birthday is the middle of may)

anyway, this isn't about me. this is about morgan. cuz it's her birthday and she's pretty great and i am proud to know her and be friends with her. she does wonderful things that makes the world a better place. she is very kind. happy birthday, morgan.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

gallery work
ok, so today is the first day i will be working at the gallery at school 33. i wanted to post this earlier, but didn't get a chance to. if you're interested in looking at some art, you should come by. especially if you like clay - the exhibit up now, which opens today actually, is tour de clay, works by the clay studio from philadelphia and pamela olson from colorado. the work is pretty exquisite. very nice. i'll be here from noon to 4pm, this saturday and every saturday. so stop by.

well, i better go. came in early to get some work done. the last thing i should be doing is talking to you.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

at the new job
things are going great. i love it here. i love the neighborhood and i love my coworkers. the work is plentiful which is awesome because it makes the time fly by. there really isn't much more to it than that. i'm happy. it's good. it just feels right.

will check in again sometime. we no longer have internet at the house so it's hard and i don't want to blog from work too much, so you may not be hearing from me too often. we'll see.

- j.

p.s. happy belated valentine's day

Monday, February 07, 2005

it's been a while, i know...
our internet is down. and, i've been busy. things here have been kind of nice though. since i've gotten beter, i have wanted to see and do so many things. i've visited friends and gone out and danced and rocked out a bit...and i caught a cold or something, but that's okay. i won't die.

i am back in philly again, visiting ma mere. i came for the whole super bowl thing, and man, it was such a close game. but, as you probably know, the eagles didn't win, but they put up a good fight. just kind of choked on those last 55 seconds. but, there is always next year. during my stay, i noticed that everyone in the city has been pretty bummed. i too woke up in a strangely bitter and foul mood. and as i went on an errand run with my mom, i could feel the city was a little depressed. especially in south philly, where they probably cheered the hardest and loudest. the "go eagles" signs are still up there, but city hall is no longer green. we'll get em next year. we will.

i should mention that tomorrow i have a lunch date with someone who is offering me another job. it's a very strange, but perhaps eye-opening position to be in. this person has guaranteed to pay more than the job offer i just got. so basically, i need to choose tomorrow. i don't yet know the details, but i am so sure i am going to go with the lower paying, less selfish position. i am young and a bit of an idealist...i'd like to think that i can help people. make the world a better place. that sort of thing.

i guess that's all for now. i need to head out and hit the road and drive back to bmore. ciao.
- j.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

went to philly
yesterday morning i was talking to my mom and just asked, "hey, can i come visit?" and so i did. because of the super bowl, city hall was lit up with green lights, the ben franklin bridge was lit with the green and white lights, and on the way there, i saw an amoroso's roll truck that had "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!" drawn on the backend.

whenever we talked about the game, my mom would say, "it's a shame they aren't going to win." which is so awful, because she's not saying it because she doesn't want philly to win but because she doesn't think we are good enough. well, maybe this is the year for the underdogs, the ones who really fight for it. i mean, look at the yankees and the red sox. not that i care about boston, but the yankees shouldn't get it all the time.

anyway, it's been a nice few days. i have been visiting people in towson and just having a swell old time. it's so nice to reconnect with people.

today, i don't know what i will do exactly. i have a few errands to run...some things to take care of. i guess we'll just see.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

it's tuesday
that is all.