Wednesday, July 28, 2004

dear nishi and morgan,
i didn't mean to be so down on my blog. but, it's hard, you know? you want to make good blog, but then you find yourself complaining about your plans falling through and the length of your hair. but, i think i have just been reading too many self-indulgent books. shopgirl has been pretty good though. that steve martin is pretty good there with his words and his imagery and his words. no, seriously, he surprises me approximately ever 2 1/2 pages and i think, "damn steve martin! you go!" he's a bit pre-occupied with women's skin and underthings, but who can blame him really? i feel like he is really stirring up his feelings for bernadette peters in the jerk. she emobies many of the same physical characteristics as the main character.

soooo....if you must know, i finally was able to get a hold of helena yesterday when she blogged to the whole world her home phone number (take it down now! there are creeps out there!). my mom and i picked her up on the way to a furniture store, but then we had to take ma mere home because she fell ill due to overdosing on pain medication (she fractured 2 vertabrae because of the move). but, of course, it started to rain cats and dogs and before i knew it, i was wading my way through floods in bucks county and wishing that i had one of those boat cars. it took us over an hour to get home. but, after putting mom to bed and all, helena and i grabbed a quick meal and we headed over to chinatown where helena exclaimed, "i love the smell of the city!" and questioned my use of the word "patronize" when i said that i didn't want to use a bathroom of a place that i wasn't patronizing. but, we had fun together and bought identical charms for feng shui'ing our beds and bought some presents and declared that chinatown was really amazing and that we should go there more often. more than anything, though, it was nice to be in helena's company.

i was to come back to maryland yesterday, but then the rain made it too scary to drive in so i stayed here in ne philly and read a few more chapters of the book and congratulated mike g. & co. via cell phone on his trivia game win and his large quantity of newly-acquired microbrewery bounty.

now, it is time to get dressed as i have been just informed that mom wants to go to lunch and another furniture store.

but, i will be back in baltimore, just in time to check to see if miko has peed on anything else and also to try and clean the old bedroom.

take care, loves. oxox.

Monday, July 26, 2004

so i have come to this understanding...
that no one reads this blog, really. i mean, somehow i still get hits everyday by complete strangers, which in some way is okay, but what i really want is for my own friends to read this pile of crap for some reason, but i don't blame them for not reading it because, as mentioned before, this blog is a pile of crap.

case in point:
virginia deleted me from her blog list. or, at least that is what it appears. i have decided that it means one of the following:
1) virginia is no longer my friend.
2) my blog is so bad that she doesn't want anyone to know that it exists.
3) she forgot about me, which is just as bad as any of the above. i think.
but, obviously, it's gotta be
4) my name got deleted while she was editing her template because, i live with the girl and there is no way that it could be any of the above.... right???

man, i think i would kill for internet in the house. then virginia would love both ME and this blog. probably.

too much alcohol intake leaves me dumb and forgetful, so i can not recollect the past few days. i know this - i didn't go out to britpop's 4 year anniversary party on saturday. this was due to the fact that i drank too much at katherine and niki's party on friday that i came to work hung over the nest day and kneeling before the porcelain god at home, on the way to work, and at work. poor me. i confessed to my coworkers my stupidity and they all seemed to love the fact that i was all sorts of messed up that day. my boss found out and got a kick out of it as well and proceeded to tease and taunt me about it and commanded me to go straight to bed after work and not go out. which is basically the best response that one could ask for at a job, really. so, i didn't go out and read some chicklit instead because var and i are going through this crazy chicklit phase.

sigh. i just remembered that i am actually supposed to be at soma tonight with 1-2 of my best friends, but sadly, those plans fell through. which is why i am able to post this post that you are reading here.

but, things are good for the most part. my biggest dilemma is cutting my hair. one minute i am happy that i have these long locks that i can throw in a pony tail or let air dry. it's the easiest thing in the world. but, when i looked at old pictures of myself tonight with short hair, i got this enormous desire to go straight to blue tomorrow, demand an emergency appointment with billy and ask for the hair that i had when i was 8. bangs and all. i told my mom that i wanted to cut my hair and she said what she always says, "you'll be sorry." which she is right about. even when i get a couple of inches taken off, the change is too much and i am all upset over nothing. as a taurus, i hate change. but, i need it so bad, i can almost taste it. what to do? what to do????

anyway, i want to start reading steve martin's, "shopgirl." i go.


Thursday, July 22, 2004

oh, how i have missed you.

the above post has been posted today because i had saved it to draft and then promptly got kicked off of the computer in the hampden library.  the library was about to close so that was that.  but now, i am in the goucher library and i am typing on this really terrific keyboard, unlike the last time i typed on a keyboard because some of the letters, and especially the spacebar, were sticking.

anyway, it seems like i have gotten in the habit of posting once a week, which i guess isn't so awful, but is a big change from posting nearly daily.  i am not used to not having internet and i wish so hard that i did.  perhaps perhaps sometime in the future.

anyway, lemme see.  the last week has been a blur because i have been partying it up a bit in a kind of big way so that i don't really remember all that much.   i recall going to artscape last week and got pretty wasted on my own because i came straight from work by myself and drank a bunch on an empty stomach, which wasn't a good idea but didn't hurt me later, thankfully.  my cell phone died promptly at the point when i was able to get through to mike after the de la soul show, right after i quickly said, "HEY!  i am here and my phone is going to die so please tell me where you are as fast as possible."  and that was that.  nothing.  but then i bumped into ananda and then later some friends, so all was well in the end.  i got to see violent femmes but they have just gotten too old and it's strange watching middle aged men singing, "gimme the car" which is a song more riddled in teenage hormones than any other that i know.

later that night, we found ourselves at sonar and i danced to house music all night long and it was good to me because i haven't been dancing that much lately and i thought i lost something.  now, i want to go out dancing as much as possible because i think it's really good for me.  i always feel awesome the next day and way more alive and productive.

rufus is in town so on monday, after spending some time with tim paggi in fell's point, as well as getting pulled over by a cop after i was checking him out (pulled over for my registration not showing, not for checking him out), i headed over to holy frijole's to see him for a bit.  but, on my way over, i called russell to find out where he was at and he began to tell me in a very urgent tone that i needed to "run quickly" and let him know that his car was being towed.  instead of running, i just walked very fast and pretty much blurted out to him in front of everyone, "RUFUS!  your car is being towed.  you must leave now and move it!"  everyone was shocked and confused and i explained the best that i could with the bits of info that i had and he hauled ass to his car, run run running rufus, only to find that his car was just fine.  there was a possibility that it could be towed because it was in the handicapped space a little bit, but there was no tow truck, nothing.  it was just like one of those "telephone" games where with each person passing along the message, the message got changed more and more to the point that it was different from the message that started it.  in the end, we all laughed about it over our half-priced margaritas and things were just fine.

anyway, must run to go to work.  tata for now.  oxox - j.

p.s. for all of you wawa lovers out there, these are for you.
hometown hero - inquirer article about the 40th anniversary
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

***new post alert *** new post alert***

nothing profound, only good times and time well spent. if you are interested in the day to day of my past few days, go to helena's blog because i am in there somewhere. but, other than that, i have 10 min left on this computer.

i just wanted to mention that i am still here and that i haven't forgotten about you. i just wish that i could do these entries more often.

but, i have to say that i just read weesie's latest lj entry and it made me sad in a way, even though it is actually one of the best things a person can experiece. but, now helena is standing over my shoulder and i forgot what i was saying. wait, weesie. yes. she's a taurus. i'm a taurus. i never saw much of myself in her until that entry. i know that sounds weird and trite, but hear me out. taurus are earth bound. we relate to the earth and feel most alive in nature. but, at the same time we are materialistic and stubborn and enjoy the finer things in life like arts, music, fashion..... ok, reader, if you've no idea who weesie is, i realize this may not make sense. but, crap, 2 minutes left. the point is, is that i think she has become closer to realizing who she is. i think she wants to get away from some of the crap that we all hold on to for some time. i like that she is honest about it all. perhaps this makes no sense. i have to go before i amkicked off this computer....... crap.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

why do i want to cry?
not a nice way to begin an entry but that's what i feel like doing today. last night i had a disturbing dream that i can not shake. thankfully, i can't remember it in its entirety.

it is true that i went to my first baseball game ever on monday. we saw the orioles play tampa bay. i enjoyed it immensely and at certain points, i was quick to point out the goosebumps on my arms.

miko is now here with me and the roommates. russell has coined him the "furriest roommate," which is good because i think inside, all this cat yearns to be is a person. talking to my mom today, she made a point of mentioning to me that if i buy him any wet food, i should buy him the chunky kind because it looks like table food and that is what miko wants.

i have begun my studies of feng shui and i have taken it upon myself to rearrange my furniture and make small changes in the room to make big changes in my life. i wish i could feng shui the whole house, but i don't think that will fly.

recently, as i am meeting new people in my professional life, i am asked the question "do you have a boyfriend?" over and over again. when i say "no," they always ask, "why not?" and this, my friends has disturbed me. i don't enjoy being interrogated about my personal life and i don't want to even after think why i don't have a boyfriend. i don't even know if i want one or not. i prefer to be oblivious to the fact that relationships even exist....

okay, this has to end. i imagine that the money in the meter has just about run out.

sorry for the lamest entry ever. it's the best that i've got right now.

- j.