Friday, September 09, 2005

delete blog

i am very close to deleting this blog. i nearly just did it, but thought i would send out a fair warning just in case anyone cares.

it's just not the same for me since i don't have easy internet access, except for work which of course, is not easy, cuz, i do work when i work, not blog. so, basically, i will be deleting this blog in probably a week or so.

it feels strange knowing that i will do this. a sort of blogger euthanasia. i will be sad when it's gone, but perhaps soon feel a wave of calm and relief that i no longer have this out there, sitting there, like a pile of no good crap. it's good for me to shave this off of my life, as i am all about trying to find ways to streamline.

anyways, so long for now. i will return in one week's time to see if anyone wishes to say farewell. if not, i understand. this thing really died ages ago.