Tuesday, November 30, 2004

hey there,
v and i are watching the tellie, but mostly watching dawson's creek. a very scandalous episode in which abby, the most hated girl at school, falls to her death in a drunken moment preciptated by andy mcv kicking said abby out of some wedding reception. i never knew dawson's creek could be so juicy! i thought it was just lame high school antics and naivite. how i was wrong! and now jen, the best-friend is going to given the eulogy...drunk!! omg!

sigh. another day off. another day in which the to-do list gets swept under the rug and the laundry keeps piling and the room gets messier and the car with the expired tags and insurance stays on the street. bills need to be paid. resumes should be sent out. things just need to be done. and i don't want to do any of it.

i keep trying to convince virginia to go on an adventure. ny? dc? philly? perhaps a christmas tree? never had a christmas tree before.

oh geez...i don't know anymore. - j.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

sipping on bacardi and ginger ale...or...you know when uggs are out of fashion when...
...a 40 something year old lady stomps her way into your workplace wearing the furry boots (in baby blue) on her short stumpy legs.

i am home alone. well, not completely alone, there's always miko. presently, i am blown away by the fact that even though there is an entire fridge full of left-over thanksgiving food (i swear, we still got like 15 pounds of bird left), my roommate opted to eat one of my healthy choice meals. and, one of the ones i have been saving for my next late night at work, no less. i got mad over it, which is a stupid reason to get mad, but for some reason, i did. so, i decided to make myself chill out through alcohol. thus far, it has taken a bit of the edge off.

anyway, thanksgiving was pretty awesome. mom came and she totally showed me how to prepare a thanksgiving feast. she brought the kugel and matzo ball soup (hey, we may be thankful, but we gots to keep it real, y'know?) and i made the pumpkin pie, gutted and seasoned the turkey (dude, the thing had 3 sets of balls. no joke) and whipped up the mashed potatos. i helped her with the cauliflower. she did the gravy.

in the process of cleaning house i managed to half destroy my computer monitor and printer. however, the best game of scrabble went down after the meal. we played in 3 teams: me and my mom, tim and his mom, and jeffery and margaret. it was killer. my mom came up with a few gems. we nearly had 50 point bonus with the word tryptics. it would have been hot. instead, we played crypts on a triple letter and then some...getting like 70 something points anyway.

scrabble rules.

anyway, must be off. i have something i should be doing right now.

ciao you pretty little muffin face you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

kids say (and do) the darnedest things
i went to the rotunda rite aid tonight to get some chocolate. as i walked in, i noticed a little girl playing with the atm machine. little little girl, a toddler really. she was making the atm beep a lot which caught the attention of her mother. her mother scolded her for playing with the atm, but the little girl responded, "i'm trying to get money! i want money!" and everyone laughed at this, the whole scenario was just too much. when her mom pulled her to the side, away from the atm, the little girl collapsed on the floor and had a little temper tantrum, mumbling, "i want money. i want money."

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

a dream
last night i dreamt that i had a baby (or was it my cat?). it was very very tiny. i didn't have a job or a husband. it was just me and the baby. throughout most of the dream, i was trying to figure out the needs and wants of my baby. but, then i went to open the door to the refridgerator and it looked up at me and he/she said, "mommy mommy." and i was so happy and relieved that it was finally going to learn how to talk and communicate. i was filled with joy that i was there for the first time my baby talked. i thought to myself, "so this is why parents freak out over baby's first words." what a nice dream, it was. a nice dream about a baby.

Monday, November 22, 2004

gingerbread challenge 2004
it's that time of year again. time for people to fight to the death for the best gingerbread house...EVER. i watched this show last year on the food network and was amazed at the stupendous feats of the young and old, all with gingerbread and icing. this is not to be missed special. as described by the food network: The Grove Park Inn Annual Gingerbread Competition in Asheville, NC is home to 250 of the nation's most inspired gingerbread artists who sketch, build and painstakingly decorate these stunning examples of holiday ingenuity. From royal residences to towns. airs:
November 27, 2004 9:00 PM ET/PT
November 28, 2004 1:00 AM ET/PT
November 28, 2004 3:00 PM ET/PT
December 11, 2004 9:00 PM ET/PT
December 12, 2004 1:00 AM ET/PT
December 12, 2004 3:00 PM ET/PT

check out last year's winners here.

anyone interested in making a gingerbread house with me, hit me up with an email or tag.

god speaks to me in scrabble
the scrabble short as recommended by thoughtful friends morgan and bonnie.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

where shall i begin? (subheadings provided, read what you will)

* star power lite movies*
sooo...you know the movie maid in manhattan starring the lovely j. lo and the fine-ass ralph fiennes? just saw it. yeah, you heard. i got down on some star power lite, aka movies with big stars in them but are really just airy, pleasant films; usually fall somewhere between a romantic and a comedy, hence, the romantic comedy. julia roberts is queen of star power lite, with sandra bullock coming in second.

* last night *
i'm on 3 hours of sleep right now. hit the old gooch last night, got kind of wasted in the strangest of ways. on the way there, picked up a 32 ouncer beverage from royal farms - a mixture of diet coke and rootbeer. i highly recommend this, for all occassions. i also brought over the leftover handle of rum from the halloween party. poured obscene amounts of rum in said 32 ouncer and was well on my way to blitzville after a 1/4 through. so you can imagine what happened after consuming the drink in its entirety, with a can of pbr on top for good measure. i overheard max tell tim, "jaime's in rare form tonight." indeed. saw the sexies show and jascha ephraim, who was just insane and inspiring and awesome. i felt a kinship with him for a moment. just go to the website and check it out.

* the am today *
this morning, i woke up at 8am. that sucked. it also sucked coming home and seeing a big ol' wine stain on our white couch. i couldn't stand it so i bleached the shit out of the sofa. at 5am. i hope i didn't damage it too much. but, in the process i ruined my favorite jeans. and bleached a lil bit of my favorite hoody. but, that's okay. i kind of like the spots. before that incident, i thought my car was stolen because virginia had taken it out earlier and parked it somewhere else. coming home was a lil bit of an emotional whirlwind.

but, i had a nice lil breakfast with one of my favorite goucher profs over at the good ol' common ground. (i have a new appreciation for the joint. oh, how i wish you were here, helena.) thankfully, pam didn't mind my hangover at all. she even traded seats with me so that i could have the comfy bench with the pillows, which was so sweet. then i got one of those huge bottles of waters and booked it to work. doing like 85 or so and weighing which scenario would be scarier - getting stopped by a cop or having my boss yell at me for being late. but, the funniest part was passing the bosslady on 83, right as we're getting off the expressway. zip zip zoom, i fly through the next 2 lights but get stopped per usual at the last light and can see her big ol' truck 5 cars back. i get there a heartbeat before her, run inside, clock in, and run to the front to avoid the wrath.

* sitting on jessica's porch *
the other night, while smoking cigs and sipping on wine (me) and water (jessica), and talking shoe talk, a drunk man comes up to her porch and starts talking to us. saying hi and telling us that we were pretty, but quickly remembering that he has a joke that he would like to tell. do we have jokes to tell? ohhh....no, we can never remember them. please go, drunk man!! he's trying to remember his joke. stands there for a while and we stare at him in disbelief. very discomforting situation. how to get him to go? he can't remember his joke so he proceeds to tell us about his famous father, a brilliant man. i'll spare you the details. but, we are unreponsive and he still can't remember his joke and so he walks away like a shriveled pea. five minutes later, he returns a little bit more bright eyed, through his one open eye, the other has been closed since the beginning. "i remember the joke!" and here it is:
a man calls his boss one morning to tell him that he can't come into work
"why, what's the matter with you?"
"ohh man, i got anal glaucoma," says the man.
"what's that?" asks boss.
"i don't see my ass coming into work today!"

(the above joke was what adam wanted me to tell while he was stringing his guitar during his show. being that i can get incredibly freaked out by having 50 pairs of eyes piercing through me, i had to politely declined, muttering something about it being too dirty. ooo, i just can't be put on the spot like that. i may dream big that i will become a famous rock star, or whatever, but until i get over my fear of public speaking and performance, i will have to resort to being the one who passes the mike)

* happy valentine's day *
it's nearly december, which means it's practically january, which means it's almost february. V day is fast approaching us and i want to have a boyfriend for it. just so you know, i like flowers and mixed cds. and cheap red wine. now accepting applications.

* be thankful *
now, remember. thanksgiving is practically tomorrow. so if you still need a place to get your turkey on, come by. i promise we will have kugel, pumpkin pie, and hopefully some turkey hill peppermint stick ice cream, the jam of all jams. seriously. that stuff will knock your socks off. mmm.

~ all i'm saying, pretty baby. la la la love you, don't mean maybe ~
kisses - oxox - j.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Blogger Party What???
I will be going to my first blogger party at Lulu's tonight. I've always wanted to go but somehow, certain other events got in the way.

Ummm.....god, what else do you want from me? Saw The Incredibles and it was - INCREDIBLE. Would you expect anything less?

I am preoccupied right now with the tv and such and soI'll check in later.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!! - j.

Monday, November 08, 2004

thanksgiving, anyone??
dear friends,
i am doing thanksgiving at my house. my mom is coming in and everything to teach me how to make a nice big meal. does anyone want to come over and get fed? she's a great cook and i am not so bad myself. seriously, if you're going to be around, come over!

gobble gobble gobble - jaime

Saturday, November 06, 2004

why is the internet boring to me?
and when did this happen?

i just went through some of my friends' blogs and was pretty bored. what did i expect? i write the same lame-o things as everyone else. now, before you get yourself in a tizzy, realize that i actually want to know the juicy bits. which, we will never post for fear of...for fear of...i don't know...our moms coming across our blogs, or something. which has happened to all of us, at some point or another. which is no different from having our diary stumbled upon. but, still. i guess i want to be shocked. or enthralled. or something. your blog isn't lame. it's just fine. forget i said anything.

i just...i just prefer the ones that have gossip. i love gossip. i learned some new gossip the other night. sadly, there is nothing i can share with the internet because i was sworn to secrecy. but, i guess i want some tabloid-eque things. i think this is just perhaps the mood i am in now.

however, it may just be that we are leading some pretty tame lives right now. i was saddened by the thought of mine tonight. sometimes, when i am at work, letting my hands work for me, spacing out and looking at the ceiling or the frames on the wall, i think to myself, "what the hell am i doing? what the hell do i want to be doing?" and i don't know. and this scares me. sometimes, i just wish i could have long peaceful sleep. i hate living life sometimes. i don't know what it is, exactly. i'm just super confused at the moment. i can't live my life day in and day out on fleeting moments of happiness. i need something more. sadly, the most joyous thing in my life right now is coming home at night and cuddling with my cat. looking into his eyes and listening to him purr puts me at ease. i wish i could stay in that moment forever. not to say that i am not happy. i saw many people tonight that make me happy. i love my friends so much. but, there must be more to all of this, right?

ohh, i am sleepy and dirty. i best end this now. ciao.

Friday, November 05, 2004

a beer can just fell to the floor...
i'm in the basement right now. it's still decorated for halloween. the red lights are off, but there are twinkle lights on, as well as one solitary black light. cobwebs are on the walls, along with election posters made by various people the night of the election.
"swing states are for pussies"
"jenna bush - take it off!"
"p.a. the kerrystone state"
"come on nevada - you nimrods addicted to gambling & prostitution"
"come on cleveland - show us you rock!"
and finally,
"dear g.w. bush, let gays love!"

i can't take credit for any of these signs because as they were being made, i was making my way back from philadelphia where i cast my vote. and, yet, it didn't matter very much afterall. but, it did in some miniscule way. man, if only i was born in ohio.

other than the election, it's a friday night and i can't wait for sleep. i just discovered though that the party in philly that i thought was tomorrow night, is actually tonight, and i am bummed that i can't make it. those dudes always come down here. i really wanted to hang out with them there. and check out their place. mmm, how frustrating.

speaking of frustrating, working with donald today was pretty difficult. i don't know what it was exactly, but he was getting on my nerves hardcore. my manager mentioned something about him getting like that on fridays, which i had never noticed before, but in hindsight, i can see where she is coming from. he does tend to get overly excited on fridays and can go off on the most mundane subjects. but, i feel like most of the time we are repeating the same conversation over and over again. i think it's because he's such a stoner. he can't remember what he says. because of this, he is always contradicting himself, which is pretty annoying because one minute you are fighting your position about, say, gay marriage, but the next minute he's saying what you had just said and you realize that you are now both on the same side but still being confrontational. i usually just have to say, "donald! i know! i just said that!" but he doesn't listen and instead is figuring out ways to attack you. argh. but, what else would you expect from a burnout?

however, one thing he has said to me recently has really stuck. he says that the next relationship i have will be with someone who has a "j" name. and that he won't be in my circle of friends. i don't know why i believe him, but i do. it's nice to believe in something, i guess....

anyway, time to for a quick shower and bed. until next time....

Monday, November 01, 2004

new car
today i bought a car. a used 2001 toyota corrolla. my mom paid half and i will be paying off the rest over the next 4 years. i will have to become even more frugal with my money now, though. which is fine. just means more bagged lunches and less going out. also, less generosity. which sucks because i like buying things for people. stay tuned to see if i can do it.

also, this may mean that i need to find another job. cuz, man....money gets a little tight even now. plus, i think i may have reached the limit of my job. i think i have been subconsciously sabotaging myself. i have started hanging the pictures upside down. i never did that before. and it's happening a lot too. for instance, one day last week, i was hyper-aware of the fact that i was doing this stupid thing and tried to stay on top of it, and yet, i managed to hang 2 pictures upside down that day alone. why oh why???

did you know that chik-fil-a was religious??? we ate lunch there today and i noticed that not only are they closed on sundays, but they actually played religious music about the lord and such. it kind of made us uncomfortable. i don't know what it is about christianity that makes me feel strange. but, it does. especially when my boss told me last week about relics. "yes, you can find all sorts of body parts of saints in churches. fingers, heads, you name it." what? are you kidding me?? religion is so weird.

speaking of religion, i hope bush doesn't win tomorrow. and, i think i may be able to vote afterall. i thought i lost my ability to vote in pennsylvania because i am in the process of becoming a maryland resident and we sold our house. but, it turns out that my mom is still registered at our old address. maybe i am too?? i am going to call tomorrow and find out. and if it is true, i may find myself back in good ol' northeast philly. so, i guess we shall see.

tata for now. - j.

all the news that's fit to print
okay, so our halloween party got busted. i don't know how many people were here, but enough for people to feel the need to go outside a lot and disturb the neighbors so much that the cops showed up twice, the 2nd time with a warning that if everyone didn't leave, that i would get arrested.

unfortunately, mike h. didn't get to play his mix all the way through which i know he worked on pretty hard. somehow, though, i managed to tell him to go f*ck himself on the way out because he was salty about the party getting busted/not getting to play his all of his mix. my 'tude is both something i am simultaneously proud and ashamed of.

the good bits about the party was that everyone wore costumes, and as jessica pointed out, not one was a store-bought. some of my favorites:
morgan as the bee girl from the blind melon video
jeffery as mugatu
bonnie as a silent film star
joe and adam both coming as marios, both with fireballs (still finding joe's)
amy as a bendy straw
justin as one of the alien's from aquateen hunger force
...to name a few...there were a lot of good ones...

i think my favorite part of the night turned out to be just playing mortal kombat in the living room against jason dove (flavor flav), michael b. (me-dude-so) and joe (mario). and, also, when everyone left and there were only the stragglers.

next time: party will be an expanded get together. and that will be that.

and, if you were wondering, i was a "devil air" airline stewardess to go with the invites of a one-way airplane ticket to hell. hell being our basement....

also, for those who missed out on the hayride, i say, "pity the fool who doesn't get in on the '#1 haunted attraction in america' action." it was the best hayride and haunted house i have ever been to in my entire life. it was so ridiculously good and scary. i can't wait for next year....