Wednesday, May 17, 2006

today is my bithday
do you know that song by the sugarcubes called, "bithday?" i'm playing that in my mind right now. it's funny to think that there is no one out today that has that sort of spontaneous burst of energy that bjork did in the sugarcubes, not even the bjork that we know today who now prefers making progressivly stranger and stranger music. what was that last album called...the one with only the human voices? ah yes, medulla. but, the sugarcubes' "birthday" is a perfect little song. quant, strange, and full of imagery. just perfect. i love how the little girl threads worms on a string and keeps spiders in her pocket and paints huge books and glues them together.

so sweet.

but, today is my bithday and i have spent the morning wasting time at a friends house, trying to get myself out of the house. i got out of the hospital last night. i've been sick. i wasn't there longer than a day, so it wasn't that bad, though they wanted me to stay over night and that's where i had to draw the line. i've spent my birthday in the hospital before and it sucks only because it plain sucks being in the hospital any day let alone a special one.

anywho, i'm sleepy so i should go. tata.