Wednesday, September 29, 2004

dude...summer is SOOOooo OUT. fall is SOOOooo IN.
i can't believe the summer has finally ended and we are at the beginnings of fall. i am so psyched for the changing leaves and the smell of autumn and the obligatory comfy hoodie to be worn at all times. there's nothing like pockets at your belly and a hood at your disposal, in case of rain or other weathery trauma.

i already miss cold beer on those hot summer nights and i miss the leisurely feel of summer days. i miss my friends living similar lives, but alas, some are back at school. others are not, but it feels different now, doesn't it? do you remember the cicaedas!? holy crap. what were those things, anyway? but i don't miss sweating. or the annoyance of having to bring a jacket when you go out to the mall or movies even though it is 90 degrees out.

some changes have gone down as of late. numero uno - my car was broken into the other night and my stuff was stolen, as well as virginia's birthday presents!! (those bastards!) but miraculously, they didn't take the radio. they tried, and busted a bunch of stuff up, but it's not that bad. just another blow to the old cd collection, what with last break in. please, somebody teach me to not leave anything in the car.

also, i got a camera cell phone and picture taking has begun (see below).

and today, i started my very first day of working out. it was way fun and i go back on friday. i'm pretty psyched.

i spoke to helena today from scotland!! it was the highlight of my week.

soon, halloween delights will be upon us. aka haunted houses, hayrides, parties and other thrills. i CAN'T wait!

until next time - j.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

howdy y'all
coming to you live from j dove's. being obscenely rude by using the internet. and, i need to finish this because the computer needs to be used soon. but, things are well and that is good.

this is just a "checking in" post.

more to follow.


- j.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

dear friends,
the summer is officially over, isn't it? and yet, what is really the difference between the summer and the rest of my life, really? not much at all. --terriffic--

yesterday i completed the entire n.y. times crossword puzzle on my lunch break from work. speaking of work, work is going well. i am up for another raise. strangely enough, my boss wants us to dress up in costume for some day, some sale, or something. they've done this in the past as i've seen the pictures hanging about. they've done renaissance-type themes, which made everyone look like ren fest rejects. this year, they want to have a classical sale (everything classical in nature on sale, i.e. prints of urns and columns, actually urns and columns) and we would dress up as angels. boss-lady showed me the catalog from which she would order the wings. they are big and beautiful, but made from real turkey feathers. she said they use turkey feathers because they are the best. info i didn't want to know.

time's nearly up here but i would like to wish all the returning students well this year.... take care - j.