Wednesday, May 11, 2005

oh look at that, my last post didn't save right

anyway, can't chat long. just wanted to punch in for a moment and say, HI.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

dexter's laboratory
there is a little boy in a blue long sleeve shirt sitting next to me, humming nonsensically to himself while he pounds away at the computer in a soft, then fast frenzy, bobbing his head like one of those toy dogs in the back of the car that you pull up to at a red light. he is playing a game of dexter's laboratory. he hummed one long hum and i turned just in time to see explosions and fireworks on his screen, highlighting "VICTORY." he has won. he clicks "play" to start once more.

in this week's time magazine, there is a review of a book that discusses the positive aspect of pop culture and those things which most people find to be the deteroriation of our society, namely today's television shows, the internet, and video games. the author (his name eludes me right now) believes that such devices are excelerating our evolution, in a way. we grow from these experiences and they keep our minds nimble and active, especially for children at young ages. i think he has a point, on one hand. but, perhaps this humming kid should find a nice book to read instead of clicking away at the keyboard next to me. (yeah, i think i am just being grumpy)

but see, as i get older, i realize that i am pretty decent at the things that my older peers aren't so good at, namely the computer. yeah, i am a fast learner of programs and can easily navigate (dude, the kid just answered his cell phone, i think he's like 9 or something) my way through different programs. but, my coworkers have knowledge which i don't have because i don't read enough, dammit. and here i am at the library and i have this beautiful vast collection of books to read but i don't know what to read and really, all i want to do is pick up some cds and listen to bossa nova music. (someone else must have the bright idea as well, as all of the brazilian music is out. the french music too.)

i have been sad the past couple of weeks. work has been insanely stressful. i have gotten to the point that i feel nauseous every morning. i think it may have something to do with my recent coffee binge, too. but, really, i think it's stress. before i went back to school, during that year that i was employed%2