Thursday, April 14, 2005

I saw two 30-something men walking on the sidewalk, one a few paces in front of the other, one in business attire, the other in casualwear, noticably not together, and yet they shared one distinct feature... their baldness. now, i normally don't notice these things. in fact, i often find bald men attractive. but, there is no stranger sight than seeing two bald men walking on the sidewalk. this sight transported me to a world in which the entire male race was bald and it was a queer feeling, that thought. it makes you really consider what it must be like to be a young bald man, the insecurities or complexes that must arise. what are the chances that two men walking on the sidewalk in close proximity to one another would both be bald? i am sure there are some statistics about this somewhere....

a few moments before this happened, i was at a red light and heard some drrrrty hip hop coming loud and clear through the windows of a car. all the curses not fit to print were being said. i just looked to see who was playing the obscene music. and it was this youngish woman, which surprised me, for some reason. but, what surprised me most, was the toddler that was staring at me in the back seat. i smiled at him and he was so shy, he kind of bashed away. children are all the same, so sweet and innocent, it was strange to me that he was behaving in this very darling way, while the soundtrack of our moment was this loud raucous music. it just didn't seem right.

in other news, i've been getting better at pool.

that's all you get. ciao ciao for now.

Monday, April 11, 2005

oh, whatever
i've forgotten how to post pictures. i've spent 15 minutes just now trying to post a picture which is absolutely ridiculous.

today is monday. yesterday, i saw a guy get pulled over by a cop. i couldn't figure out why he was pulled over until i heard the cop say, "seat belt checks, sir" and proceeded to write him a ticket. that totally sucks. no warning. so, if you aren't wearing your seatbelt and you are in the baltimore area...beware! you've been warned.

in other news, last week was just fine. i sold a photograph in that silent auction, which was nice. good for map, good for me. the school 33 benefit was a hit. did the dm dance party, that was fun. and still managed to squeeze in a little bit of hanging out with friends and even family. watched a bunch of movies as well. tho, i have to say, i was utterly bored by coffee and cigarettes, what a shame, except for kate blanchett's, iggy pop and tom waits', jack and meg white's, and rza, gza and bill murray's pieces.

ummmm...last week i was basically warned to keep all personal computer use at work to a minimum. so, another reason why i haven't been hitting up the blog.

speaking of blogs, you know blogs are totally mainstream when your mom and her friends refer to blog postings in casual conversation.

ooo, i picked up the new beck album, which i briefly heard through a car window on sunday and knew i had to get it immediately. it is awesome. i picked up the deluxe version, which i regretted almost immediately since it's twice as much. however, i have yet to watch the dvd so, i shouldn't form any opinions yet.

okay, enough of this nonsense.

thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 04, 2005

check it out

my work is now up in the library. go to goucher library's website to see a picture of me and the work. i look terribly bloated, but really, it's just that i am swelling with mucho pride.

i'm actually at the library right now looking at my work. it's weird. i don't think i see them the way other people do. they really should be better lit though....

anywho, i came here to do my taxes and start a group on google groups. now, i should work on my taxes.

but, before i go, i want to mention the depeche mode dance party at sonar this thursday. click here for more info.

dude, saturday was the night of the free keg of beer. yes, a free keg of beer. holy crap.

anyway, taxtime. holla back, y'all. holla back.