Friday, July 29, 2005

new place

i guess since i was being all stressed out over the whole moving thing that i should at the very least mention that i did find a place after all and that i will be staying in hampden and i am very much looking forward to this move and i really think everything is actually great after all.


ok, back to work.

Monday, July 11, 2005

oh god,

i am in the library now. the towson library. for some strange reason the young library staff is full of these really attractive young people. i want to build a connection with them and say, "hey! you seem cool to be spending your time working in a library. little known fact about myself, my mother was a librarian so i spent much of my youth in the library which makes us nearly best friends."

not a good argument.

umm...i am here because i am looking for the next spot i am living. i am making myself nuts with this. i mean, i want to find a nice place somewhere and i am making tons of calls and emails and my messages are always so nice and sweet, but i feel like this is the worst time for anyone to be looking for a place to live, what with all the students coming back and all. i have been taking napping as much as i can recently because being awake only reminds me that i should be making calls and looking at places. i feel sick over the whole things and my mom reminded me that i only have 2 weeks left and that i probably won't find a place on time. oh god, i seriously do feel like going home and going to bed.

oh why oh why do i get stressed out over these things? is it normal?

seriously, i am getting sleepy just thinking about it.

and, last night i saw this play that was "loosely based" on me. i fell asleep wondering how close to home it was. obviously, i am not as neurotic as the main character, but some things were eerily disturbing to see played out. there's even a line that i have said in real life, which may or may not be a coincidence because i don't recall saying it to the playwright. blecch. so many things are making me feel weird right now. seriously, i think the best plan of action is to just go home, eat something (i seem to be wanting to do a lot more of that recently as well) and watch a movie so that i can pass the eff out.